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Mbbs In Philippines

The M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) degree offered by Philippine is equivalent to the M.B.B.S. Degree of any other country like India, USA, and UK. In India, MBBS in Philippines is globally recognized by the Medical Council of India whereas in the other countries globally recognized by WHO (World Health Organization), FAIMER, USMLE, CHED, ECFMG-USA.

Note: The MCI approval of MBBS in Philippines defines that M.B.B.S degree of India and M.D Degree of Philippine are at equivalent.


Mbbs Admission In Philippines

Getting admission in the Mbbs In Philippines, Philippines University to study MBBS is a daunting task for student, as they are unaware with the education system of the Philippines, the application process, admission process, fees structure, student visa application process, best loan options, culture of the Philippines and people of the Philippines and much more.

In addition to the above unknowing facts, honestly, it is being a daunting task to search a right foreign educational consultant who provides the right guideline throughout the foreign education. Sometimes to get trapped in such a consultant results in paying excessive fees.

We are the one who offers all the below services at the best affordable rate with a 100% guaranteed MBBS admission in Philippines university.


Best Medical University In Philippines

The Best medical universities in the Philippines are regulated by the CHED (Commission on Higher Education), and each medical university in Philippines offers four years of professional degree course plus one year of postgraduate internship which follows the US education system throughout the course.

All the universities have various programs to hone students on each side of the medical course which includes theories, practical, technology, problem dealing, videos on various researches, Video lectures, seminars, and much more.

From the education system perspective, if we look at the universities then all are having the superior quality of the education and staff, which is available at any time to solve your queries correlated to your study assignments and practical.

The Philippines government lists the top ten universities by considering the performance of the students in respective universities. They list the university with the highest percentage of passing students at the top. But, when it comes to for foreign students, there are many other factors which need to be considered. Here we have listed top universities from our perspective after having an insight look to each university , the facilities that they offer to foreign students, a number of Indian students enrolled in the university, feedbacks of Indian students about the respective university, the fees structure of the university and much more mere factors.

Each university listed over here has some specific positive advantages, in contrast to other and all are Philippines Government approved Universities. The selection of the university solely depends upon the students.


MCI Recognized Medical Universities Of Philippines

MCI stands for medical council of India established in India by the government in 1934 whose function is to establish uniform standards of higher qualification in medicine and establishing recognition of medical qualification in India as well as abroad.

The main objective of the MCI is :
  • Establishment and Maintenance of uniform standards for medical education
  • Regulation of postgraduate medical education in medical colleges
  • Recognition of medical qualifications granted by medical institutions in India
  • Recognition of foreign medical qualifications in India
  • Approval of medical colleges
  • Registration of doctors with recognized medical qualifications
  • Maintaining an Indian medial register of all registered doctors

There are many students in India who have a great aspiration of getting the medical degree from Philippines unknowingly that the medical university in which they are getting admitted required to be MCI approved university, otherwise the degree earned from the Philippines medical college is worthless if he/she is looking to work in India.

If the university is not MCI approved he/she cannot work in India. We understand that there are many consultancies who misguides students and do not provide complete guidance for the better future.

We as a foreign education consultants have very professional and transparent approach for the students. We provide comprehensive details correlated to the university and the recognition of the universities which helps students in carving the better future. We conduct one to one counseling and make understand students about the importance of MCI.

The MCI approved medical universities in the Philippines has very reasonable fees structure, expert and cooperative staff that is available anytime to solve your queries. As we are engrossed as consultant since a long, we personally know each staff member of MCI approved universities and that is why assure you about the best medical education at an affordable price.


Why Study MBBS in the Philippines ?

There are many alluring reasons apart from MBBS that can entice you to get enrolled for the MBBS in Philippines. But, our main focus is why study MBBS in the Philippines. So here we have given concise information correlated with the MBBS study in the Philippines.

Low fees structure :

There are many students in India who are willing to study MBBS in foreign countries, but, they are facing the money constraints. We as a foreign education consultants bring the best universities of the Philippines, which offers the MBBS course that fits into your budget. It means you can get the high quality education, safe and conducive environment at the affordable fee structure.


Why Manila is Better for Medical Education?

About Manila :

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines which is also known as the global city in the world. Manila is known for the luxurious lifestyle and the culture. Manila is the largest city in terms of population as well as in terms of student population. Apart from the population, Manila is known for the best hospitals and high technology based system of the hospitals in the Philippines. You can get an opportunity to practice in high tech hospitals and gain the knowledge of the latest technologies that employed in the medicals.

Secured :

Manila is listed in the most secure city in the world in terms of crime. The students who are coming from the other countries are 100% secured due to the secured and crime free environment of the Manila, students can focus on the study as well as parents no need to worry about their children studying in Manila.


Benefits of Studying in Philippines

Nature of Philippines :

The Philippines has total 7500 islands, numerous beaches, caves, rocks and much more that gives tremendous surrounding to study MBBS in Philippines. A soothing and very clean atmosphere is the strong point of the Philippines, which attract student not only for study MBBS in Philippines, but also, experience the place and the culture of the Philippines.

Climate of the Philippines :

Another advantage of an Indian student is the climate of the Philippines. Philippines climate varies from 23 °C to 32 °C throughout the year, which is very alike to the Indian climate help to Indian students in settling with no trouble. The other advantage of the similar climate is, people having the same pattern of disease which aids to the Indian students who want to pracMbbs Admission In Philippinestice in India.